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Tankless Water Heater Overview

Tankless water heaters (on demand) are the best technology in water heating and they are more affordable now than ever. Water passes through a heat exchanger inside the unit to provide you with hot water the moment you ask for it. They only run when you demand hot water so you don’t have to waste money on your gas bills heating 50 gallons of water stored in a tank. The best part is that unlike tanks, you will have truly unlimited hot water. Your whole family can take consecutive showers while running the dishwasher and the laundry machine at the same time. This technology is infinitely more efficient than conventional tank water heaters. In addition, these sleek units are mounted on a wall to save you space. Water pressure will remain high as your tankless will be installed by an expert who will know how to design a system to match your home’s needs. Just like a furnace or air conditioner, proper sizing, installation, and the design of the appendaged system are more important than the unit itself.

Benefits of Going Tankless

Remember, that a tankless water heater is an investment with a return! The extra money spent on purchasing a tankless over a tank will quickly be returned to you in utility savings and an extended equipment lifetime. Allow our experts at QHC to help you save money, save space, and enjoy the unlimited hot water without sacrificing water pressure.
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