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Gas Pool Heaters

The greatest benefit of the gas pool and spa heaters is that they heat your pool and spa in minutes or hours versus the hours or days required initially to warm the pool with a heat pump. Gas heat is ideal if you don’t use your pool or spa on a daily basis, and just want to heat your pool or spa as needed. Key attributes of gas pool heaters are that they’re environmentally responsible and lower the operational cost through its energy efficiency and reliability. Another benefit of gas pool heaters is they perform well in any climate. They’ll heat your pool and spa on the coldest of days versus the limits of a heat pump.

Pool Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are incredibly energy efficient at maintaining a constant water temperature and can deliver savings of up to 70% versus a gas heater. Heat pumps are very efficient because they utilize the heat from the surrounding air to heat the pool’s water versus burning natural gas or propane.
Heat pumps work well in warmer climates but are at a disadvantage in colder climates. Although a heat pump will operate at temperatures above 10° C, cooler air temperatures above 10° C may not have sufficient heat in the air to keep your pool as warm as you desire. At these lower temperatures, a heat pump is likely not the best option for heating your pool.
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Combination Solutions

A gas heater and heat pump combination will deliver energy savings utilizing the heat pump a majority of the time, and switching to a gas pool heater when the temperature drops. Other benefits include:
  • Most energy efficient way to heat or cool your pool and/or spa in any climate
  • The ability to choose between heat pump or gas heat on cooler days and in colder climate
  • Heat pump efficiently maintains ideal pool temperature while gas heater rapidly raises spa temperature on demand

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