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What are Combi-Boilers?

Combi-Systems have the ability to run two showers, your dishwasher and still have enough hydronic heat to warm your whole home simultaneously. Employing a hydronic heating system in your home enables you to use 3 types of heating, an air handler (coil and fan), baseboard radiators, and radiant floor heating. Whether you are looking for combi boiler repairs or combi boiler installations in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place!

How They Work

Each manufacturer is a bit different with their build but in general they are very similar to a tankless.
A condensing combi-boiler system will employ two heat exchangers, an integrated boiler pump, domestic hot water outlet, flat plate heat exchanger for domestic hot water, heating loop supply.
A combi-system is nearly identical to your conventional tankless but with only a few distinctions.
  • Complete separation of heating water/glycol
  • Upgraded boiler pump
  • Heating system auto fill
  • Advanced integrated control panel
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Benefits of Hydronic in Floor Heating

1. Very clean – Since there is no air movement like a forced air furnace airborne dust is significantly reduced.
2. Silent – again with the elimination of a large furnace fan your homes heating system becomes virtually silent.
3. Comfort – radiant heat allows air to remain fresh yet comfortably warm.
4. Coverage – radiant heating allows you to heat your entire house evenly and effectively.
5. Economical – Radiant heat will transmit warmth for hours even after the system has been turned off.
Most homeowners think that converting from a forced air furnace to a radiant floor system is expensive and very construction intense. It’s important to know that things have changed significantly. Technology has provided some very innovative solutions that allow for fast installation and very little construction within your home. As installation times decreased so did the costs of radiant heating.
Today’s combi-systems simply mount on the wall saving over 80% of the space that an old floor mounted boiler used to consume. In addition, the installation has been reduced to less than a day in most cases.

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