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HVAC Design

At Quality Home Comfort, we have extensive knowledge in HVAC design and ductwork services Toronto, as well as installation of air flow systems. We are capable of working on residential and commercial projects and understand how ductwork needs to be done to allow your heating and cooling systems to be energy efficient and up to code.
We work on Residential/Commercial – New construction & remodels.

About Ductwork Designs

Furnaces and air conditioners require a certain amount of airflow, measured in CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute), to be passed through the equipment (supply and return ducts) in order for the equipment to function properly and efficiently.
All residential/commercial spaces have unique requirements and construction that pose obstacles when designing the ductwork system to accommodate each room or area with proper airflow.
The ideal ductwork system achieves both goals by providing enough airflow to and from the heating/cooling equipment as well as heating and cooling the home or office evenly.
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Maintaining Your Ductwork

Check your ductwork–is it insulated? No matter how “state of the art” your heating/cooling system is, if your ductwork is bad, it will diminish your system’s efficiency.
Air flows best in a straight or curved line. It doesn’t “corner” well. Does your ductwork have smooth flowing curved fittings with turning vanes to guide the flow of air around sharp corners?
Are your ductwork connections sealed? Is there mastic and tape around every joint? If not, air could be leaking out. Air leakage diminishes the comfort level of your home. Even if it’s well sealed, you will need to have it checked periodically because mastic may dry out and humidity and cold can affect tape sealant.

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