What are the Common Causes of AC Breakdowns?

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What are the Common Causes of AC Breakdowns?

Like with any household appliance, we are unfortunately bound to run into a common fault, or breakdown including your AC unit. We are going to discuss the frequent failures, which can cause an AC breakdown. We have found that the main breakdown issue is an improper operation, by this, we mean that if you only have one unit, don’t have your windows or doors open at the same time while your AC is running. If you do this, you will cause your unit to overwork, and overheat which will result in the air conditioner breaking down.

There are unfortunately many other common issues, such as faulty installation through non-HVAC companies, inadequate maintenance, and care of your AC unit. We have helped so many customers who have experienced a breakdown with their AC appliance, due to improper installation which led to a variety of issues. If your unit is not installed correctly, your unit can develop a leaky ducts, and low airflow.

Please be aware that if your unit is installed by an unqualified technician, then they may fail to discover problems such as refrigerant charge problems which will then worsen the existing issue resulting in a breakdown. We are here to help you, so please feel free to ask us for advice regarding an issue that you may suspect that your AC unit has, and we will advise you on what to do next.

Common AC breakdown causes:

Refrigerant Leaks

Your AC unit could be low on refrigerant, or it could be because it was undercharged during the installation, or it could have a general leak. If you do suspect, or notice a leak do not add refrigerant, as this is not a solution it will only worsen the problem at hand. Dealing with this issue effectively, and swiftly will ensure that your AC unit can be fixed, and repaired back to the manufacturer’s standards. We do recommend that you hire a qualified technician to guarantee that it will be restored with optimum efficiency and preventing any further damage.

Poor Maintenance

If you do not regularly check, or maintain the cleanliness of your unit, then the filters and coils will become dirty. The dust and grime will cause your AC unit to break down as the fans or compressors are likely to fail.

Electric Control Failure

The fan controls and compressors do eventually wear out, particularly when the AC is turned on and off quite frequently. Turning your unit on and off will cause the corrosion of wires, which results in the electric controls failing to result in a breakdown.

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