Wall Mounted Boilers

Wall Mounted Boilers

Wall Mounted Boilers

Whether you need to repair your ancient octopus boiler, are looking to convert to a small and efficient wall-mounted unit, or want to enjoy the ultimate comfort and efficiency of in-floor heating, QHC will take you from planning to design to installation. We started our company by working in the oldest homes in Toronto West and are experts with radiant heating.

We recommend a condensing wall-mounted boiler as an upgrade to your radiant heating system. They offer nearly 99% efficiency which means you lose only 1 cent per dollar used to heat your home and water. They take up zero space as they mount neatly on the wall. They provide unlimited hot water and radiant heat. They can be used in a multitude of ways by your technician, even for in-floor heating. These units provide consistent water pressure and heat and are extremely reliable when installed by a qualified professional. Upgrade to a condensing unit and receive up to $1600 in Enbridge cash rebates.

We offer a wide range of energy efficient high-quality gas-fired boilers for residential and commercial use.

Our hot water boiler-baseboard perimeter system surrounds you and your family with heating comfort. Boilers are the most efficient, most comfortable heating system available.

Why Are They Better
Wall Mounted Boilers

  • Cleaner, healthier heat -baseboard heat is a sealed system; dust, dirt, and germs are not blown throughout the house as with forced air systems.
  • Gentle, draft-free heating – natural convection perimeter heating blocks chilling drafts at the outside walls where they originate. No ducts blowing air creating additional drafts.
  • Room by room comfort – you control the heat in each room with adjustable baseboard dampers. Baseboard heating systems are also easier to zone than forced air systems, so you only send heat to rooms where you want it.
  • Quieter – no bothersome noisy air ducts or blower fans cycling on and off.
  • Quicker response – baseboard heating responds quickly to your room thermostat’s call for heat, maintaining a constant comfort level. No lengthy warm-up required.
  • Better fuel economy – virtually no heat wasted between the boiler and the baseboard. Lots of heat is lost through forced air heating ducts

Service We Offer
Wall Mounted Boilers

  • New boiler installation along with radiant and floor heating systems
  • Boiler repairs to all makes and models
  • Ongoing maintenance of your boilers
  • Residential & Commercial Service
  • Rental and financing options are available

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