In-Floor Heating

In-Floor HeatingWhat We Do

Quality Home Comfort technicians are experts in designing and installing radiant and floor heating systems for your residential or commercial spaces. Hydronic radiant heating systems work very well with the energy efficient natural gas boilers that we install and service. Check out the boilers page to learn more about wall mounted natural gas boilers.

Services Offered

  • Design of radiant heating system – We do a heating-load estimate of your residential or commercial space on a room-by-room basis to design an efficient system
  • Installation of new hydronic radiant heating systems in existing spaces or new construction
  • We repair all makes and models of existing hydronic radiant heating systems and boilers
  • Regular maintenance of your hydronic heating systems and boiler

Hydronic Wall Mounted Radiator


Hydronic Wall Mounted Radiator

Health Benefits

Many homeowners tout the health benefits of radiant heat. Unlike forced air systems, radiant heat operates silently and does not blow dust and allergens throughout the house.

Multi-Zone Control

Radiant heat can be controlled in ‘zones’, so each room is controlled by its own thermostat, allowing you to heat only where and when you need which results in savings in your pocket.

No Ductwork or Vents

The concern for bulky ductwork or the inconvenient placement of floor registers is eliminated with a radiant heating system. There is no need to worry about limited ceiling or wall space to accommodate ductwork.

Benefits of Radiant and Floor Heating Systems

High Efficiency

Radiant heat has proven to be very energy efficient with minimal heat loss compared to traditional forced air heating.

Quiet & Convenient

Radiant heat systems operate silently and they do not require a lot of maintenance.

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