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Air QualityImportance of Air Quality

Most homeowners are not aware of the importance of home air quality in Toronto. Filtration, purification, ventilation, and humidity control are factors that will affect the integrity of your home and more importantly your health. Much like furnaces and air conditioners, there is more to installing a piece of air quality equipment then just slapping it in.

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The first step to installing air quality equipment is to conduct a professional consultation. Our air quality consultants are NOT HVAC technicians. They have been specifically trained in air quality and will provide you with the absolute ultimate in service. During the consultation, the expert will conduct a thorough testing of your home to determine air quality, moisture, air flow, leakage, etc. using industry-specific instrumentation. He/she will walk you through the results so that you can understand what exactly is going on in your home. This is the most important part as you will know if you even really need the equipment you are interested in. Often, our clients decide to go with completely different solutions from their original plans after discovering the results.

When we have decided on which equipment you want, a separate team will come in to install and tune the equipment for optimal performance. Remember that installation is always superior in importance to the equipment itself. You have to know what’s going on in your home before you make any investments into changing it. Allow our specialists at QHC to help you make your home cleaner, safer, and more efficient.

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