Is your Air Conditioner tuned and ready for summer?

Air Conditioner repaire

Is your Air Conditioner tuned and ready for summer?

Why you should leave nothing to chance with your air conditioning unit.

Summer is finally here! It is that time of year for outdoor barbecues, a dip in the swimming pool, and for our air conditioners to work overtime. As we are in the hottest months of the year, we want to ensure that your homes stay cool and comfortable. Air conditioners (AC) need a tune up particularly in preparation for the summer months. Having an annual tune-up of your AC unit will ensure that it is working effectively but more importantly safely.

What is an air conditioner tune-up?

We have explained that it is essential to have your AC unit tuned-up for the summer months, but what does this include? A tune-up involves:

  • A full system inspection
  • Cleaning of all the coils
  • A replacement air filter
  • Pressure and fluid level checks
  • Cleaning and draining the condensation line
  • Examination of the thermostat controls
  • A thorough system performance check

Can you remember the last time that you had your AC tuned up? The reason for asking this question is because if your AC unit is not frequently checked and tuned up, you are at risk of your AC unit breaking down, overheating or a reduction of the coolant levels. If the coolant levels decrease your air conditioning unit will not be functioning at optimum levels, it will produce a poor quality of cooling in your home, and essentially waste energy.

What are the benefits to having your AC unit tuned-up?

There are various benefits to having your air conditioner unit checked thoroughly and tuned-up for summer.

Five key benefits of having a yearly air conditioning tune-up:

  1. It will boost your units’ efficiency: in the summer months, a lot of us are faced with a high utility bill because of frequent use of our AC units. By having your air conditioning unit tuned up before, or in the summer months it will save you money as the unit will consume far less energy.
  2. Avoid Breakdowns:unfortunately, we will all experience our AC unit unexpectedly breaking down, and this is more likely to happen if the faults were not detected. If you hire a professional technician to carry out these checks, they will be able to identify and rectify small problems.
  3. Increase the life of your unit: if your AC unit receives an annual tune-up every year, and repaired quickly by a professional, the lifespan of your air conditioning unit will improve massively.
  4. Better Air Quality: your unit will produce far cleaner air as the air filter will be replaced. Also, all of the dust that your unit has accumulated will be removed from your AC unit during the thorough cleaning process.
  5. Peace of mind: having an annual tune-up will mean that you can rest easy and know that your AC unit is fully functional during hot summer months.

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