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Established in 1987, Quality Home Comfort is a family owned and operated HVAC company serving residential and commercial clients in the GTA. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in customer service, and our extensive training and experience with HVAC systems. You will always feel like part of the QHC family when dealing with us.

Quality Home Comfort is proud to be run by the family that founded it. Our master technician and his wife and son oversee all day to day operations including the ongoing training of sales consultants and technicians. We are always here for you the same way we are there for each other.

QHC has over 30 years of experience with even the most ancient of boiler systems, helping you repair your existing unit, replacing it with a neat and tidy wall-mounted unit, and even designing and installing an in-floor heating system for your home.

QHC specializes in electric/oil to gas conversions. We will plan, design, install and even help you finance your project. With the substantial government rebates and low-interest financing available this year, it is an excellent time to convert your home’s energy source and make an investment with a fast return.

Furnaces and air conditioners today are advanced in technology and efficient in performance. However, improper installation of even the best units on the market could increase household energy use for space heating and cooling by 30%. It will also lead to decreased comfort in your home (hot and cold spots, dry air, etc). Our experience and training will ensure that your equipment performs at 100% of its capability.

Our vision is to change the way HVAC is approached in Canada. Too many installations are just simply that – installations. We believe in a consultation process that goes beyond simple product sales. We incorporate testing, measurements, and a thorough diagnosis of both you and your home’s needs prior to even talking about which furnace you want to buy. Beyond this, we treat each project with our full attention, expertise, and range of experience. If a piece of equipment is just simply connected in your home, it will not operate to even half of the manufacturer’s standards. A furnace, for example, must have fan speeds, gas pressure, and delay timers adjusted to the specific needs of your home. This, along with the way ducts are sealed, wire and pipes are run, equipment is sized, and even the thermostat that is chosen, have a huge effect on the way your furnace operates. Let us get your furnace running at its peak performance.

Our master technician has built our loyal client base by demonstrating the art of installation, going beyond just technique. We offer the highest level of design and engineering, allowing you to be proud of the way your equipment is installed. At QHC, our team of experts has over 30 years of experience allowing us to handle any project with finesse and efficiency.

At QHC, we understand that upgrading your heating and cooling can be a big investment. That’s why we have affordable rental and financing options just for you. We will work with you to find a plan that works so that you can enjoy the quality and comfort of new equipment without putting a single dollar down. In most cases, government rebates will cover more than two years of payments.

To protect your investment, we also offer labor warranties and maintenance plan so that you can rest assured knowing that we have your covered 24/7/365. We can cover basic things like furnace cleanings and A/C top ups all the way to complete coverage where even if your furnace should fail completely, we will replace it for you, free of charge.

Call us today, even if you just want some free advice or a second opinion. We are always here for you.

Quality Home Comfort

We are always here for you